Leah Firth Jewelry

Shield - Silver and natural sapphires ring

$414 NZD

An organic edged, flat faced ring that tapers from 10.6mm wide to 4.4mm wide at the back.   2.8mm thick.   9.66 gm of silver

One large smoky grey rectangular sapphire (4mm x 3mm), two medium sized green square and one blue sapphires (3mm) and two blue square sapphires (2mm).

The placement of the stones looks to me like they're falling down the sides of the ring. 

Lovely texture from the sand casting on the face, trailing off to smooth at the back. 

Not a perfect circle so the inner diameter ranges from 19mm to 18mm.  And because the band is on the wider size I would say this is a NZ size Q. 


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