Leah Firth Jewelry

Poised - Silver/bronze alloy natural sapphire ring

$414 NZD

There's something about the colour of this type of sapphire that I find enthralling.  It's a light greeny grey hue.  

12 x 3mm round facet cut natural sapphires jostle along and around the top and sides of the band.  

Some are partly covered by the metal such is the nature of the process.  

The process being 'cast-in-place'.  A favourite of mine because once the mold has been set and the cast is underway, all the control I have is gone, and the outcome will be what it will be. 

Size is 18mm inner diameter so a NZ P.  

The metal finish is a dull grey mixed yellow goldy tone.  The bronze in the metal will continue to oxidise (grey) as will the silver, though not as quickly.  You can choose to periodically shine this back to a goldy colour or enjoy the changes. 

Over more time the metal may wear away to reveal more of the stones.  You and your new ring can grow and change together. 

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