Leah Firth Jewelry

It's Personal - Sterling silver & sapphires ring

$175 NZD $350 NZD
It has curves. It has texture. Cool on the skin. Pretty sparkly stones on the top.

Tough and delightful, all at the same time, which is exactly the ethos of my brand. We are not one dimensional, so neither is the jewelry we wear to express ourselves.

This is a substantial ring with 15g of sterling silver, 2.3cm l x 0.5cm w and 0.5cm h from the finger to the top of the ring.

Six 2.2mm diamond cut deep blue Australian sapphires which have been bead set onto the very top ridge.

I like to keep the curves and undulations that form during the casting process and therefore not every scratch or chip will be removed. What are we if not a mixture of beauty and flaws?

If this is not your size (US 7) then I can make another especially for you but please bear in mind that each mould and casting, setting and finishing is done individually by myself each time. And so, your ring will be similar, but no two can be exactly the same. Which is kinda great.

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