Leah Firth Jewelry

Good as Gold - Solid 18k gold ring large Australian parti-sapphire gemstone

$3,100 NZD

In keeping with the brand look, this ring is curvy and wavy and organic.  Lovely smooth rolls all the way round.  

As per a lot of my work I haven't sanded and polished the piece to a high shine.  I have tidied up the inner band.  I didn't want to lose any of the flow.  

18k is a bit softer so little scratches are inevitable but I think that's the ring living with you in real time. 

This is a solid ring and because of the thickness of the curves it's a weighty 18g of 18k gold.  It's not super heavy but you can definitely feel it with you. 

There is only one of this ring.  The mold is gone in the process.  Another can be made that is similar.  Size is 5.5/6 US.   

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