Leah Firth Jewelry

Elevated Attitude - solid sterling silver wheel, clear cubic zirconians necklace

$100 NZD $200 NZD

The cast-in-place process worked wonders on this piece.  The three 4mm clear round (plus one oval) diamond-cut cubic zirconia's are snuggled into the metal, surrounded by sensuous curved sides.  

The face and back of the piece are also smooth and curved.  The whole piece has been left to take the shape it wants.  I've polished the back but left the face largely alone to keep the natural texture of the metal after the pour.  It's a lovely matt finish.  

I've found a chain I really like - 1.1mm sterling silver flat cable - threaded through the center for maximum movement.  Drop is 22cm.  This can be changed if you would like.

There is only one in existence.  

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