Leah Firth Jewelry

Dream - Sterling silver and Morganite ring

$576.54 NZD $864.80 NZD

So I was playing with the surface texture some more with this one.  And I'm really pleased with the lightly scratched effect (on purpose people, I do know how to file).  

It goes with the almost rebellious sentiment of why does it have to be perfectly smooth!!? 

The underside is hollowed away a bit to allow light to pass through the stone.  But this isn't perfectly symmetrical.  Nor is the actual setting around the oval stone. 

The stone itself is stunning.  I've had it for years and was only inspired recently on how I wanted to set it.  It is a 2.95ct natural oval facet cut peach pink Morganite.  11 x 8 mm oval.  The colour is quite strong but I don't know if the stone has been heat treated or not, it's been so long.  I don't believe it has been.  

A weighty 19gm.  Size NZ S or US 9 1/4.  

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