Leah Firth Jewelry

Dotty - Sterling silver & sapphire, topaz, aquamaring pendant

$150 NZD

Solid sterling silver pendant (3mm W x 1.4cm D) sand cast with an approximately 4mm jump ring attached on top.  

Six gemstones have been randomly bead set onto the surface (3 x 2mm blue sapphires, 1 x 2mm yellow sapphire, 1 x 2.25mm pink topaz, 1 x 2.5mm blue aquamarine).

I've left any interesting inclusions on the metal because that's what makes this piece extra unique. 

I can attach the pendant to a chain, at a length of your choosing, for an additional cost.  Or you can use an existing chain you already own.  Note that the jump ring at the top is soldered closed and has a diameter gap of approximately 0.2mm.  I could add a second open jump ring, for free, if needed.  

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