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Awesome Normal - Shibuichi precious metal ring

$100 NZD $200 NZD

Shibuichi silver precious metal * organically formed oblong top * plain band ring

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. A clean line, smooth curve and a shiny surface.

Cast in one piece, the metal has formed in a long (20mm l x 6mm w ish) oval, that ever so slightly bends along the face of the band. I find the rolls around the sides very pleasing.

As per all my work, I haven't ground down every bump, instead, I celebrate the natural form the metal has chosen to take.

Shibuichi is a specialty alloy of copper and silver, obviously more copper (25%) than sterling silver. It's traditionally rokusho treated to achieve a range of subtle muted blue or green shades. The metal does oxidize quicker than sterling silver so you can choose to clean it more regularly to keep the shiny copper color, or (as I'm doing) leave it to see what it evolves into.

This is a perfect everyday ring. Or a plain stacking ring to enhance one of the more colorful pieces in my collection. I've got to admit it's really fun to stack a lot of these rings.

If this isn't your size (US 7 1/4)I am more than happy to recreate a ring especially for you. Please bear in mind that each piece I make is a one-off, so an exact copy isn't possible.

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