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Sticky - Sterling silver synthetic sapphire & cubic zirconia ring

$250 NZD

You know how I'm all about looking for the beauty.  Not accepting the narrative of the day.  Make up your own mind.  Well this ring is testament to that ethos. 

I've ignored the idea that the ring band has to be perfectly round.  The rectangle top isn't symmetrical.  I haven't removed the scratches or bumps.  

And then to finish it all off I've glued the stones in a heap on top.  

I didn't polish the metal to a high shine, instead I oxidised it on purpose.  

Is it pretty?  Is it ugly?  Is what makes it different make it special? 

Mic drop.


Facts -

solid sterling silver 8gm

three large oval synthetic sapphires 6 x 4 mm organge, deep pink, blue

one square blue synthetic sapphire

one small pink round synethic sapphire

one clear cubic zirconia (upside down)

one clear cubic zirconia briolette

sizing is hard with my rings because the band isn't a perfect circle, at one point the inner diameter is 19mm at another it's 17mm, so I'm going to go with a size US 8 3/4 - 9 1/4.  


If this isn't your size I can make another version for you. 


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